THE YEAR IN PICTURES. 2012.editorialpersonalportraits

as has become an end-of-year tradition, here’s a look back at some of the highlights from a wonderful 2012. thanks, as always, to everyone we’ve worked with and to everyone who has been along for the ride. your encouragement, support and love means everything. we couldn’t be more grateful or feel more blessed to do what we do. here’s to all the exciting things to come in 2013. m+m











2 + = four

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  2. What a wonderful collection of photos! I think one of the things I like best about your work is the happiness it evokes. Even the landscape shots, without people smiling or looking at their loved ones, are just warm and cozy and happy. I know I can feel better by just looking at your photos. I look forward to seeing what you bring us in 2013 (and I WILL order some prints!).

  3. It’s been such a pleasure following your work this past year. I am such an admirer. Keep it up! And let’s hope 2013 will inspire you even more so than 2012. :)

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  5. MOS DEF?! Are you kidding? Just when I thought you couldn’t get any cooler, well there you go and get cooler still.

    What an awesome year Max Wanger, well done sir.

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  8. I ADORE your photographs! ADORE.

    I also love the dress the girl is wearing in a few of the photos, and in the last one as well. White dress on the beach. Do you know who makes it?